Add On Sink Mounting Option At Checkout

SpongeBath can also be mounted securely inside your sink with our Sink Mounting Bracket sold separately - just add to your order during checkout.

Kills >99.9% of odor-causing bacteria in sponges
  • Eliminates odors
  • Cleans and freshens
  • Removes grease and mold stains
  • Removes soap scum

SpongeBath vs. NYC’s Subway Germs!

We put SpongeBath to the ultimate test! SpongeBath founder, Matthew Flannery, took a new kitchen sponge and wiped down an entire New York City subway car.

See what happens when that filthy sponge goes up against SpongeBath.

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Simple and Easy to Use

1. Rinse sponge and place between paddles

Simple and Easy to Use

2. Squeeze paddles and lower into cleaning solution

Simple and Easy to Use

3. Continuously cleans sponge until next use

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Why Choose

Sponges can harbor bacteria which thrive in moist environments. Traditional cleaning methods like the dishwasher or microwave only scratch the surface. SpongeBath provides a thorough cleanse, ensuring a fresh and ready-to-use sponge every time!

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Just An Ounce
of Concentrate

Each week, you’ll add one ounce of SpongeBath’s powerful concentrate and fill with water to create a powerful cleaning solution. Easy as that!

Extend the Life of Your Sponges

With SpongeBath, a quality sponge can effortlessly last up to four times longer, saving you from the hassle and cost of frequent replacements. Our patented technology ensures your sponge is cleaned after each use and stored in a pristine environment, ready for the next task.

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Crafted with Pride in the USA

We take immense pride in designing, manufacturing, and assembling your SpongeBath right here in the United States. Our quest for excellence drives us to source only the highest quality materials and stainless steel components, ensuring your SpongeBath stands resilient through years of use.

Confident in its enduring performance, we extend a 10-year warranty on every SpongeBath. It's more than a product; it's our commitment to become your reliable kitchen companion, ready to face the cleanup challenges alongside you.

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