SpongeBath vs. NYC’s Subway Germs!

We put SpongeBath to the ultimate test! SpongeBath founder, Matt Flannery, took a new kitchen sponge and wiped down an entire New York City subway car.

See what happens when that filthy sponge goes up against SpongeBath.

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Simple and Easy to Use

1. Rinse sponge and place between paddles

Simple and Easy to Use

2. Squeeze paddles and lower into cleaning solution

Simple and Easy to Use

3. Continuously cleans sponge until next use

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Why Do You Need

Odor-causing bacteria grows rapidly within wet sponges, doubling every 20 minutes, leading to billions within 24 hours. Periodically cleaning the outside of a sponge in a dishwasher or zapping it in microwave will not solve the dirty sponge problem.

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A Simple and Elegant Solution

The first ever multipurpose sponge holder that continuously cleans your kitchen sponge every time it’s stored.

Kills >99.9% of odor-causing bacteria in sponges
  • Eliminates odors
  • Cleans and freshens
  • Removes grease and mold stains
  • Removes soap scum

Just An Ounce
of Concentrate

Each week, you’ll add one ounce of SpongeBath’s powerful concentrate and fill with water to create a powerful cleaning solution. Easy as that!

Safely Use Your Sponge For Up To 4X Longer

Prior to SpongeBath, experts recommended replacing sponges weekly. That was then, and SpongeBath is now. Throwing out physically good sponges because they get smelly is wasteful, time-consuming, and costly. We now know that sponges only need to be cleaned between uses, and stored in a clean environment. Using our patented technology, a good quality sponge can easily last for four weeks or longer if stored in SpongeBath.

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Proudly Made in the USA

SpongeBath is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA with the highest quality materials and stainless steel components.  It's constructed to last and stand up to heavy use.  We are so sure you will love it for years, every SpongeBath is covered by our 10 year warranty