The Story of SpongeBath

The Story of SpongeBath

"The kitchen sponge is the most unsanitary item in your home. We use sponges to clean our dishes, countertops and cutting boards. The problem is that germs thrive inside the damp sponges where bacteria doubles every 20 minutes. We needed to create a product that could sanitize and clean the sponge between uses. So we went to work. "

Matthew Flannery, Founder & CEO

Finally, the Solution to the Grimy and Smelly Sponge! 

SpongeBath is the result of years of research and development to create the world’s first cleaning sponge holder.  

SpongeBath is the first and only dual-purpose sponge holder that continuously stores and cleans your sponge, killing 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria.

Our patented cleaning technology and proprietary cleaning solution will forever change the way you think about sponges. 


Development & Design


SpongeBath is made with only premium components. We selected the highest grade stainless steel and plastic resins for superior quality and durability to last for years and years. 

We traveled around the country to find the best materials and are proud that SpongeBath is sourced, manufactured and assembled in the United States. 

Our patent-pending SpongeBath Concentrated Cleaning Solution is made from plant-based ingredients with you and your family in mind.

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