Foodsided.com - SpongeBath Is A Simple Solution To A Dirty Problem


Did you know that the kitchen sponge can hold a lot of bacteria? It is impractical to use a kitchen sponge just once and throw it way. Putting it in the microwave only destroys the sponge. Even though everyone uses sponges, there wasn’t an effective way to clean them. Now, there is, SpongeBath.

SpongeBath is a simple solution to a dirty problem. The product both cleans and stores kitchen sponges. With its system, 99.9% of smelly causing bacteria is killed.

Everyone has picked up a kitchen sponge and cringed at the smell. Who wants to use that kitchen item to clean their dishes? By having SpongeBath in the kitchen, that smelly, dirty sponge is cleaned and ready to use every time. The patented system cleans and kills the germs that are deep into the micro-crevices.

The SpongeBath can be stored by the sink or can attached to the inside of the sink itself. The style is sleek and works in any kitchen setting. SpongeBath is available for purchase on Amazon.

Are you ready to clean the dirtiest kitchen tool in your house?

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